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We have beautiful kittens ready for their forever homes!
We are also looking for very special and loving homes for some of our retiring adults. If you are interested in adopting a loving adult please call me at 585-738-6057. Thank you!

                        Our Cats Are For Everyone!   

Here is an example of the love our cats have for kids(and the love our kids have for our cats before they go to your home). This is my son, Caleb, just 1 year old, giving Orkable, who just went to a wonderful home near us last year, a big kiss. The second picture is Orkables brother Ollie, who went to the same home he went to, with one of their new owners!!! Our kitties go from being friendly and loving in our home to being friendly and loving in yours. We have had several people take our kitties home and either come back for more or recommended us to friends and family!

From our hearts and arms......


to yours!!!!

Ollie                                                               Orkable and Ollie, brothers born 1 year apart, together in their
                                                                                                   forever families home!

Indy relaxing with his friends at our home.

Indy relaxing in his new home.

We are a small Christ-loving family cattery. Our cats are constantly handled by our 6 children and by everyone who comes to visit. Our cats dont know what "shy" means. All of our cats are friendly and loving and are the very definition of an American Curl.
Please visit our kittens page for details on our new and upcoming litters.

We are located just outside Rochester, NY. That is about 5 1/2 hours from NYC.
Our email address is info@angelicurls.com. Our phone number is 585-738-6057

Our youngest son was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder at 10 months. Please help find a cure for Chiari Malformation!!!
What is this condition?:
FIND A CURE: http://www.asap.org/index.php/donate/
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