Welcome to Angelic Curls 
We have adult cats AND kittens available! Please check out our Kittens page!!!


Please read before you email.

Our cats and kittens are a part of our family, we do not cage, and they are loved and handled from day one. Because we are a family and not a business, the care of our cats and our kids comes before the selling of our cats. And due to our putting our family first our cats are healthy, loved and playful...like our kids! And also because of this we only communicate by email, not by phone or text, as it is most convenient for our home. If you are interested in one of our kitties please see our kitten page on how best to get in touch with us. 

Our kittens do not know the meaning of "shy" and are often sleeping on their owners the day they bring them home. 

From our hearts and arms......

Orkable(son of Temperance)
to yours!!!!

Ollie                                                               Orkable and Ollie, brothers born 1 year apart, together in their
                                                                                                   forever families home!

Indy relaxing with his friends at our home.

Indy relaxing in his new home.

Please consider helping us with our adoption. We are adopting from China. Please see our blog- http://ourroadgoeseveron.blogspot.com/ or our gofundme page- gofundme.com/hoffmanadoption. Thank you so much for your support in bringing our baby home!!!
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